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"You didn't hear about the polar bear?"

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aristocats (meganbmoore)
hawk_17 wrote in lost_quotes
Last night was just full of good quotes!

Charlie: "Yeah, chase the dog with the skeletal arm into the creepy jungle! be my guest!"

Hurley: "Sorry ...Roger. Sorry about your arm, dude."

Hurley: "We'll get that later." (in reference to "Roger's" head.)

Sawyer: Son of a! What's a head doing back here?"
Hurley: "Relax, it's just Roger."

Sawyer: "Well, look at you- all hooked on phonics."

Hurley: "Shut up! red ..neck ...man."
Saywer: "Touche."

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i loooved the "shut up! red...neck...man!" almost died laughing.
Did anyone else catch that when Hurley was talking to the reporter he called her Trisha Takinawa? Thats the name of the reporter on Family Guy. I thought that was funny

...I didn't catch that, no- but I don't watch Family Guy, so that could be part of it. That's nice to know, though! thanks. =3

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