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Lost Quotes

"You didn't hear about the polar bear?"

Lost TV Quotes
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"You didn't hear about the polar bear?"

Welcome to lost_quotes, the first and so far
only community on LiveJournal where you can browse through
all your favorite quotes from the smash hit ABC series "Lost"
withouthaving to dredge through all the icon and info posts.
It's just quotes here. And that's how we like it.

use common courtesy. this should go without saying, but treat
others with the same attitude that you'd like to be treated.
Absolutely no flaming or bashing, you'll be banned without a
warning. End of story.

Only quotes, conversations, and one-liners from LOST
characters are allowed.

You are allowed ONE post to pimp your own community, and it
must be Lost related. If you do it more than once I will
delete that post.