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"You didn't hear about the polar bear?"

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Season 1- Ep. 14: SpecialCollapse )

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Season 1 - Ep. 13: Hearts and MindsCollapse )

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yippee! next episode? :D

Season 1 - Ep. 12: Whatever the Case May BeCollapse )

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time to post again. :D

Season 1 - Ep. 11: All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy IssuesCollapse )

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[Musk] All for one
Hi! I'm new to the community and a HUGE fan of Lost! I love to read and remember great quotes from the show, that's why I joined! Here are some of my personal favorites:
"Should I go and get a ruler?" (Kate, to Jack and Sawyer playing poker)
"You gay?" "Funny..." (Ana-Lucia and Sawyer)
"We do not have bamboo in Irak. Altough, we do have something similar... Reeds..." (Sayid)
"We have to time to the contractions. That's what they do, time the contractions. One sugar-plum-fairy, two sugar-plum-fairy." (Charlie)
"I never wore pink. (Sawyer drinks) I knew it!" (Kate)
"Perhaps he wanted to go camping." "Are you enjoying yourself?" "Yes" (Sayid and Sawyer)
"Track 2: the monster eats the pilot" (Charlie)
"I heard you shout. Heard you shout Jack. I'm Charlie by the way!" (Charlie)
"What are you gonna do? Splash me?" (Sawyer)
This could go on like, forever, so I'm going to stop here. And maybe think about getting a life, too...

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yay. moving on to next episode I got. :D

Season 1 - Ep. 10: Raised By AnotherCollapse )

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more comfortable in hell


"Radzinski made some edits."-- Kelvin, on the Orientation video

"But thank god I joined the Dharma Initiative! Thanks and namaste and all that..."-- Kelvin

"Just gimme whatever has the most caffeine in it, brother." -- Desmond

"Where's your beard?"-- 'Henry Gale' to Tom

"Have you ever seen Walt in a place he wasn't supposed to be?"-- Miss Klugh to Michael

"I'm sorry."-- Michael to Ana-Lucia

"John? Eko is Very. Upset."-- Charlie

"I do not know which is more disconcerning-- the fact that the rest of the statue appears to be missing or that it only has four toes."-- Sayid

"How 'bout you put your mangoes where your mouth is." --Sawyer

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So, no one's really posted in while. I just randomly re-watched this episode and came across some good quotes/scenes. :-]

Season 1 - Ep. 19: SolitaryCollapse )

Yeah, yeah. I know I don't have a life...

funniest line ever?
Vincent drops the statue full of heroin at Charlie's feet.


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aristocats (meganbmoore)
Sawyer: "Oh happy day. Here comes Dr. Giggles."

Bernard, to Eko: "I liked you better when you just hit people with your stick."
Charlie: "I like you just the way you are."


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