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"You didn't hear about the polar bear?"

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aristocats (meganbmoore)
hawk_17 wrote in lost_quotes
Last night was just full of good quotes!

Charlie: "Yeah, chase the dog with the skeletal arm into the creepy jungle! be my guest!"

Hurley: "Sorry ...Roger. Sorry about your arm, dude."

Hurley: "We'll get that later." (in reference to "Roger's" head.)

Sawyer: Son of a! What's a head doing back here?"
Hurley: "Relax, it's just Roger."

Sawyer: "Well, look at you- all hooked on phonics."

Hurley: "Shut up! red ..neck ...man."
Saywer: "Touche."

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...I didn't catch that, no- but I don't watch Family Guy, so that could be part of it. That's nice to know, though! thanks. =3

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