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"You didn't hear about the polar bear?"

Audio quotes would be cool for next season
Hey, I saw this group isn't very active right now, but I was following it earlier. Awkward time to post, but oh well. :P I found audio quotes online like this one
And thought it'd be more fun to listen to them instead of read?
Maybe it's just me... but I love the quotes here. :) It's holding me over until the next season!

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aristocats (meganbmoore)

“I think that chick likes me.”


“Welcome back, Dr.Wizard.”

“I think its Mr. Wizard.”

“Shut up!”

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aristocats (meganbmoore)

New episodes of LOST air January 31st @ 9/8 PM central.

The community will be undergoing some slight updates to give it a smoother look. Stay tuned, and be sure to listen for those quotes to share!

- hawk_17 

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Scarlet & Grandpa
Here's a few I thought were good from this past week's show!Collapse )

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aristocats (meganbmoore)
Last night was just full of good quotes!

Charlie: "Yeah, chase the dog with the skeletal arm into the creepy jungle! be my guest!"

Hurley: "Sorry ...Roger. Sorry about your arm, dude."

Hurley: "We'll get that later." (in reference to "Roger's" head.)

Sawyer: Son of a! What's a head doing back here?"
Hurley: "Relax, it's just Roger."

Sawyer: "Well, look at you- all hooked on phonics."

Hurley: "Shut up! red ..neck ...man."
Saywer: "Touche."

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I just absolutey cracked up last night when that Carl kid was crying, and Sawyer walked up to him and punched him on the arm and then they said

Carl: What was that for?!
Sawyer: That was so you'd cowboy up!

Oh man, my friend and I were practically rolling on the floor. I love Sawyer's one liners....theyre so great!

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Colonel Locke is fed up
My personal favorite quotation, from "The Cost of Living":

I ask for no forgiveness...Collapse )

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aristocats (meganbmoore)
some quotes from last night's episode.Collapse )

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[Musk] All for one
Hey! Just thought I could post a really cool quote from last night's episode!

aristocats (meganbmoore)
New episodes of "L O S T" premiere this Wednesday, October 4, 2006. I hope you're all going to be glued to your tvs in anticipation of the night we've been waiting for so long. Keep a pad of paper and pen nearby to jot down those quotes!


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